WildStar Introduces Digital Web Comic, Tales from Beyond the Fringe

Tales from Beyond the Fringe web comic for the WildStar MMORPG.

WildStar, the science fiction MMORPG from Carbine Studios, today introduced a new web comic for the online game.

You can read the Tales from Beyond the Fringe web comic premiere on the WildStar website. The first issue called Part One: Mystery and Mayhem will follow the Chua and Mordesh factions on the planet Nexus.

For comic books newbies, the web comic will introduce a new panel or speech bubble to easily follow along while reading. If you want to continue following the comic's story, the second issue will release on September 6th.

The WildStar MMORPG will launch as subscription based game but also offer game time through the use of C.R.E.D.D obtained in game. For those interested in WildStar, you can sign up for the beta here.