Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Info Blowout: Difficulty, New Game Plus and More

Gameplay Director Yuji Abe talks about the various aspects of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

lightning returns

German gaming news website has spoken to Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Gameplay Director Yuji Abe about his upcoming game, which is due for an early 2014 release over here in the States.

In the interview, Abe talks about the various events and quests that are set to grace the game, and answers questions about replayability and the time limit.

Here's what he revealed:

– Events in the game will only occur at specific times. For example, players will have to be present in one of the cities at night to see the fireworks.

– Finishing every single sidequest in a single playthrough of the game is going to be extremely difficult, but not impossible to do.

– It may take as many as five playthroughs to experience all of the content that the game has to offer.

– There is only a single ending. Lightning either saves the world or she doesn't.

– The time you have available to you to save the world can be extended. Initially, Lightning will only have 7 days to save the world.

– The player will have seven to thirteen days to save the world.

– One day will last exactly an hour long.

– Quests cost time to complete.

– There are three difficulty settings: normal, hard, and super hard.

– There is a New Game Plus mode where you can bring the content from your previous save into a new game.

– It will be necessary to do quests, grind, and gain the appropriate levels to progress through the game.

– Characters from Final Fantasy XIII-2 will be present in Lightning Returns. You will be able to interact with them.

– There will be DLC for the game, but they will not come in the form of costumes or other vanity items.

– Costumes and other vanity items will be strictly in-game items that you can purchase from stores, or by finishing quests and events.