Atlus To Publish Successfully Crowdfunded Tex Murphy

Things are looking up for this adventure game revival.

Big Finish Games recently updated their Kicksarter page to let followers know Atlus has come on board to publish the successfully crowdfunded Tex Murphy game, now title Tesla Effect.

In Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure, we rediscover Tex in a post-apocalyptic future, with Tex having forgotten seven years of his life, and waking up injured. He now needs your help to put the pieces of his life, and the circumstances behind this attack, back together.

The game is a wonderful time capsule, coming back to FMV cutscenes, and boasting the same content for all, family friendly, no DRM and no DLC. Tex Murphy creators Chris Jones and Aaron Conners recently rounded up a highly successful Kickstarter for the game, making $ 598,104, safely above the $ 450,000 goal.

As unlikely as an Atlus partnership seemed, it turned out that quite a few of the game’s backers were actually from Atlus. With this new partnership, Tesla Effect will benefit from working with one of the industry’s biggest distributors, increased press coverage, and help in development. They are now working to have the game ready for release by the first quarter of 2014, to Steam and other personal computer platforms. They are planning for this, keeping in mind the two upcoming console launches.

Tesla Effectlooks anachronistic all around and that’s what I love about it. It hearkens back to a time before adventure games were effectively wiped out of the market, and to be honest, feels like a more appropriate return to the genre than what Heavy Rain represents. You can check out the trailer for the game below.

Source: Kickstarter