League of Legends Announces Season 3 Rewards

Tiered rewards can still be earned until October 31.

Riot Games announced the rewards for League of Legends that will be rewarded by the end of Season 3 competition. Once again, these rewards will be based on what tier you are in by season’s end.

Players that reach at least Bronze tier will get Summoner Icons that list your accomplishments. Each tier will get a different icon.

Players at Silver tier or higher will get special banner trims, again different for each tier. You will also get a lit up Victorious Ward skin that will help you in dark environments, like jungles.

Players at Gold tier or higher will get new invitation badges, personalized and ready to send to friends and teammates. Aside from the Victorious Wars Skin, you will also get a unique Victorious Champion skin.

Once again, to earn these rewards you will have to earn it in ranked play. You can play any of the different game modes, solo duo, three-on-three, or five-on-five, and your reward will be based on the highest tier you hit from playing all of the modes. Three-on-three and five-on-five games will further require that you play at least five games in that one team, and played in at least 30 % of all of that team’s total number of games, for gameplay in those modes to qualify.

You can still catch up if you’re interested in earning these tier rewards. Season 3 will be ending this coming October 31. If you need more information, Riot Games has made a separate FAQ just for them, so check it out here.

Source: League of Legends Blog