GTA 5 New Screenshots Introduce You To Los Santos’ Colorful Recreational Activites

Rockstar’s tongue-in-cheek presentation shows the country clubs, tattoo artists, and douchebag yoga instructors.

Rockstar Games has updated their blog with a new set of pictures for Grand Theft Auto 5. Aside from the requisite posters and screenshots, Rockstar introduces us to the colorful world of Los Santos recreation, from their country club, tattoo parlors, to their douchebag yoga instructors.

As featured in Los Santos & Blaine County Visitors’ Travelogue, the exclusive Los Santos Country Club is the place to go to hobnob with Los Santos’ most rich and powerful. The golf course is anything but mundane, with one screenshot showing you lining up your shot up a woman. You’ll see.

Los Santos is also home to tattoo parlors like Ink Inc and Blazing Tattoo, and shows some satisfied customers, with quotes you could take a prosthetic needle to your arm for.

Finally, Los Santos’ star yoga instructor Fabien LaRouche takes center stage in the travelogue’s Serenity and Wellness secton. Showing off the Downward Dog, Dropping Fire Log and other difficult positions, LaRouche is every bit the paragon of skill and in no way comes across as an untrustworthy lecher.

This is, of course, all par for the course with every Grand Theft Auto game, although I really did expect this sort of thing more from Saints Row.

If you are interested, the latest screenshots do remain visually impressive, and if the game’s humor and story may distract you from its other elements, you can rest assured there will still be a gorgeous, multilayered game waiting for you when you get back into it.

Source: Rockstar Games