These Large Video Game Ads Were Painted By Hand

All those gigantic advertisements at the side of the Hotel Figueroa were done by hand.

You know those gigantic video game ads that appear on large walls on the sides of buildings in Los Angeles—specifically, the Figureroa Hotel? Ones like these:

It may come as a surprise, but they're absolutely painted by hand and not large prints.

According to imgur uploader chalexfor, the person behind these large advertisements is none other than his dad, whom he describes as "one of the last artists of his kind," as if there were many of them to begin with.

Thus far, he's worked on painting gigantic ads for Rockstar titles like Grand Theft Auto 4, Max Payne 3, and lately, Grand Theft Auto 5.

Fans of Skyrim might remember this particular timelapse video of the Skyrim advertisement being painted on the side of the hotel. That was him, too.

It can be hard to fathom how one can work on something this big and make everything seem to scale while only working on a small fraction of it at a time. The secret lies of course with grids, because it's not like the artist wings it. Still, it's a truly immense feat that deserves recognition.