Inafune: Dead Rising 3 Not the Direction I’d Take with Series

The original Dead Rising creator would put more humor into Dead Rising 3.

Dead Rising 3 is taking a new direction on the Xbox One. The goofy tone and shopping mall setting are seemingly absent this time around, and while there could be plenty of humor interspersed with the action, original series creator and Mega Man luminary Keiji Inafune isn’t quite sure that this is the particular game he would have made.

Speaking with OXM, Inafune mentioned that Dead Rising 3 is different from the sequel he would have produced had he still worked for Capcom. That doesn’t mean that it’s wrong, but being silly and comical is what the games are all about.

"I have seen the footage. It's not the direction that I would have taken it in. It's not the game I would have made,” he said. “That's not to say it's wrong – I'm sure Capcom have their reasons, and they might well be right. But for me, as a creator, personally, it's a different direction."

The style of game that Inafune wants to make, and is currently making, is Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z. The bizarre tone and over-the-top characters are right down his alley, and it’s what he’d also add to the next Dead Rising game.

"Humor is a part of my style, mixing humor with zombies is what I did with Dead Rising, and Yaiba,” he continued. “There hasn't been much information about Dead Rising 3 released. I'm sure there'll some humor in there."

Expect to see Dead Rising 3 try to scare you later this year on Xbox One.