Destiny’s New Video Explores Weapon Systems, Matchmaking and Environments

A new video of Destiny explores some of the game’s intricacies.

Bungie has thrown together a new ViDoc, or video documentary, of Destiny called "Out Here in the Wild", which aims to delve deeper into the world of the game.

In the video, the developers explore some of the game's many environments, talk about the weapons and weapon classes, and explore the game's "seamless" matchmaking system that allows players to cooperate and collaborate on killing monsters together out in the game's open world environment.

"Our number one priority was to make a world that people wanted to be in. Something that you wanna go back to and wanna explore and to have enough variety that you never get bored," says Christopher Barrett, Art Director. "You can go from Earth to Venus to Mars to the Moon, to Saturn."

Watch it for more details.