Batman: Arkham Origins Gamescom Trailer Introduces Firefly

Trailer reveals how boss battles may play out.

Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment continues to hype us for Batman: Arkham Origins with a new trailer revealing, among others, the introduction of villain Firefly.

Firefly is a more recent addition to Batman's rogues gallery, although there was a pre-Crisis villain who used the same name. This Firefly is not that hard to understand: a pyromaniac with a flying suit and an obssession with burning Gotham to the ground. He never truly rose to prominence in Batman's extensive rogues gallery, but became somewhat of a fixture in the DC Animated Universe, appearing in The New Batman Adventures, Justice League, The Batman and Brave and The Bold. If you've watched any of the recent cartoons, chances are you know this guy. Firefly was also alluded to in both previous Arkham games, so really, this was a long time coming.

The trailer also prominently features previously announced villains Bane, Copperhead, Deathstroke, the Joker and, of course, the Black Mask. Some sequences apparently reveal how the boss battles will play out, and also show us the first time Batman introduces himself to Gordon.

These battles are up close and personal, with villains using knives and lead pipes in lieu of guns. It was interesting how they presented this, because it makes Firefly really stands out. Batman watches him flying across the sky and listens to him talk, before he shoots his grappling hook straight at him.

Firefly obviously has a lot of potential as a videogame boss, and Warner promised that they would deliver on it. Let’s hope it’s not too quick time event heavy.