Cerny: PS4 World’s Most Powerful Game Console, Has Strongest Launch Lineup

Cerny is coming out swinging at Sony’s Gamescom press event.

The next-generation war is raging, and with it comes a slew of hyperbole and jabs at the competition. During today’s Sony Gamescom press event, hardware architect Mark Cerny didn’t just say that the PlayStation 4 will be a "great" platform that people should buy. The man came out swinging, claiming that the hardware will output 10 times the performance of any previous console, as well as stand as the "world's most powerful."

None of that will matter without actual games, and according to Cerny, the PlayStation 4 will also come packing with the greatest set of launch and launch window games to ever be seen. We know about projects like Knack, Killzone: Shadow Fall, and DriveClub, but hopefully we’ll be able to hear a bit more about the full batch of games that are coming to the PS4 during the fall. With all the indie support, many new announcements should be on the way.