BF4 Multiplayer Statistics Will Transfer from Old to New Consoles

Transfer your level and statistics in Battlefield 4 to the next generation.

For players in an awkward limbo unsure of which console to buy Battlefield 4 on, DICE will at least make the decision a little easier.

If you purchase Battlefield 4 on the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, you can transfer over your statistics and level without the need to start over again on the new consoles. Statistics will only transfer to their respective consoles, not to the competitors. So if you play Battlefield 4 on the Xbox 360, you may only transfer your game data to the Xbox One, not the PS4.

The transfer will also apply to people who subscribe to Premium Membership. If you purchase the Premium Membership for Battlefield 4 on the Xbox 360 or PS3, it will too transfer over along with your stats.

To see what the Premium Membership will offer and first look at the new multiplayer mode, EA and DICE will stream from gamescom on August 20th at 15:00 GMT.

Source: EA