DayZ Standalone is in “Pre-Alpha, Not Alpha” Says Creator Dean Hall

The DayZ standalone edition is not yet ready for release, says its creator.

Bohemia Interactive put out a developer diary of the standalone edition of DayZ over the weekend, revealing that the game had not, for a fact, passed its latest milestone and that its developers were still working hard on making that happen.

Needless to say, the game is not yet ready for public release and its creator, Dean Hall, wants to make people understand why that is.

Posting on Reddit, Hall wrote: “DayZ is not alpha, it is pre-alpha.”

“Until the issues that I described clearly in the video are fixed – there is absolutely no way I could describe my project as an alpha,” said Hall, who was clearly annoyed by the insistence that the game was ready for release.

“What is making things worse, is people who judge an alpha by how something "looks" and not how it functions.”

Hall added that since the game’s developers missed their December deadline awhile ago, there has never been a promised release date.

“I'm sorry for that but I can't turn back time, all I can do is promise I will never give my opinion on a release again,” Hall continued. “The game is not stable enough in multiplayer to play. That is the pure and simple truth. Until it is so you can't play it.”