Battlefield 3: How to Identify and Report Hackers

Methods to identify and ban hackers in Battlefield 3.

Sometimes you will immediately blame your killer's hacking tools for your most recent death. While you know your untrue accusations act as a way to shift accountability, on occasion you will actually run into hacking players. To better identify and report those hacking players in Battlefield 3, this guide can help inform you.

To start, searching the player's name in previous ban records can help reveal some past information. Checking the player's weapons use and stats can also reveal if the player shows any lopsided statistics. If the basic information doesn't reveal anything abnormal, then a more detailed report will assist in the process.

Unfortunately, using past bans as a way to gauge a player's legitimacy may not prove most effective. The poster of this guide explained that server admins on power trips can needlessly ban players for playing too well. Admins in other servers will take notice of that ban and just follow instead of come to a conclusion themselves. Using measures like recording videos, checking statistics and player history may seem excessive, but permanent banning a legitimate player unfairly causes more problems than needed.

For a more detailed report on how to indentify players with aim-bots and how to ban players, the Battlelog forum post will explain everything.