Mass Effect Trilogy Fan-Art Done In The Style of Star Wars Posters

We can only pause to consider what the poster art for Mass Effect 4 would look like among these illustrations.

It’s no big secret that Mass Effect draws many of its primary influences from the likes of George Lucas’s Star Wars, and in fact it has been referred to as the Star Wars of our generation.

It comes as no surprise then, that one artist would choose to design a series of posters in tribute to the Mass Effect trilogy in the style of the original Star Wars poster art, which showcase a collage of characters surrounding the theme of the episode.

The artwork by DeviantArtist Kmadden2004 bears republishing here on Gameranx, where we like to draw attention to good artwork from time to time. It’s not perfect, and the faces look a bit off in some parts of the execution, but the concept is fantastic, to say the least.

You can take a look at the artwork as works in progress along with separate images for each poster here.

A well-written critique by drinkurmilk is worth noting:

The most striking quality of this art is its ability to capture the very essence of the game it represents; from juxtaposition of imagery to the colour palette, the themes and ideas of each game are reproduced in an authentic way. Together, they show us the overall progression the trilogy has taken.

In the first, the Normandy/mass relay reflects [our] Shepard's first steps in exploring the corners of the cosmos. The second switches heavily to a focus on characters – specifically crew members – and Legion/Tali stand conflicted as a symbol of the geth/quarian struggle. By the third, Shepard has arrived at his crossroads, and the signs are not altogether very optimistic.

Imagery of Shepard also serves as the avatar of his general psychology in each game. Firstly, relatively unprepared. Secondly, under the watchful eye of the Illusive Man, unsure. Thirdly, hardened, defiant.