Metal Gear Rising Sequel Teased by Official Survey

A sequel to Platinum Games’ Metal Gear game could be on the way.

Platinum Games’ attempt to make a more action-focused Metal Gear game was, for the most part, a success. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance was just about canceled by Hideo Kojima before the talented and creative folks over at Platinum Games gave the Raiden-centered adventure a second chance at life. However, this might not be the only non-stealth Metal Gear game we see, as a recently discovered survey is asking fans exactly what they’d want in a sequel to Rising.

This doesn’t mean that you can expect an announcement trailer to pop up for a sequel at TGS. This is simply a questionnaire to test the waters, with the publisher’s end goal being to determine if it’ll make financial sense to make another game in this style. We know that the original game will be headed to PC, but with both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One just around the corner, this might just be the right time for Konami to call up Platinum for a second hack-and-slash title.

One specific question on this survey even asks fans exactly what they’d like to see in a sequel to Rising. The list of answers is pretty extensive, but some of the most interesting tidbits include more stealth, a greater deal of human drama, and even a bit of humor. If you’re interested in contributing to the cause, head on over to the series’ official website and sound off.