Author Neil Gaiman Making His First Game, Wayward Manor

Neil Gaiman and The Odd Gentlemen partner to make Wayward Manor.

Acclaimed author Neil Gaiman will stray outside of his normal line of work to make a video game called Wayward Manor.

Determined to tell a story brewing inside his head, Gaiman thinks video games act as the perfect medium for Wayward Manor's story. Novels couldn't provide that level of interactivity that Gaiman desired and viewed video games as the perfect fit for his story.

Released in a few parts, Wayward Manor will release this fall and take place in a 1920s England. Players will control a ghost who will try to scare away a family living in his home. To make this game possible, Neil Gaiman partnered with The Odd Gentlemen, the developers behind puzzle platformer The Misadventures of P.B Winterbottom.

Neil Gaiman wrote books like The Sandman and American Gods. I remember reading American Gods and arrived at a point in the plot where the main character entered (I'll try to remain as spoiler free as possible) an environment that I found too weird to imagine.

You can pre-order a number of different packages on the Wayward Manor website and even pay for dinner with Neil Gaiman himself. The different levels of pay methods structure similarly to the different pledge levels of a Kickstarter fund. Each level increasing in dollar value but provides things like soundtracks or t-shirts.

Wayward Manor will release on PC later this year.