BF4 Multiplayer: Next Map to be Displayed after each Round

A small but significant change has stepped into the online arena of Battlefield 4.

Battlefield 4's release is happening on October 29 later this year, and has many fans around the world anticipating its release. There are many who would tell you that the Battlefield franchise has improved to the point where it is better than its main rival, Call of Duty. Why? Because DICE has done well to listen to its fanbase over the years, and they've recently announced that they will be making some more to the franchise, which will cater to some fans' requests.

One of these changes will affect the multiplayer portion of Battlefield 4, specifically regarding the end of each round. While players have in previous Battlefield games not been shown what map would be coming up for the next round, DICE has changed things up so that this will indeed be the case.

We've provided the proof fans have been talking about below:

This was discovered after a number of loyal Battlefield players scrutinized the new "Battlelog" trailer. They picked this screenshot out of the muddled mixture of gunshots and developer interviews, and we're sure the community couldn't be more thankful.

We're looking forward to what DICE has conjured up in Battlefield 4. Hopefully it brings just as much fun and innovation to the table as the series' third entry did.