Incognita Video Shows Early Prototype Gameplay, Developer Q&A

Incognita gameplay from the Klei stream.

To show off their new turn-based espionage game, Klei Entertainment took to to stream early gameplay of their latest game, Incognita.

Incognita will require players to build a team of agents to invade a secure building complex. As players work their way up a building towards the exit, they will need to look for Intel, documents and use pieces of equipment to help them climb the building.

Upon immediately starting, an overhead view of a squad reveals the single room players can see. Since every room procedurally generates for each session, players will not play the same level twice. Much like XCOM: Enemy Unknown, characters move within a set area of space followed by an action such as hacking or killing a guard.

In XCOM you could sort of cheat the A.I by purposely waiting in overwatch for the enemies to move into your line of sight. In Incognita, Klei puts significant value to each turn as an Alarm meter tracks the amount of turns you take. If you fill that meter, a SWAT team will enter the building, ending that session.

As players move cautiously around a level while eliminating any guards and finding good cover, players can hack safes and computers for items and completing objectives.

Klei Entertainment first announced Incognita through Twitter where they linked to a website with a cleverly hidden riddle.