Puppeteer Trailer Fights Bosses, Finds new Heads

Puppeteer gameplay trailer discussing story and boss fights.

Although the PS4 steals most of the spotlight regarding PlayStation news, Sony continues to develop games for the PlayStation 3.

Puppeteer quietly impressed E3 attendees this year with its platforming structure around a story told on a theater stage.

In the Puppeteer trailer, director Gavin Moore discusses the Puppeteer story about a boy who finds himself implanted into the body of a wooden puppet. After angering the bear king of this magical stage theater, Gregorious losses his head and is forced to use different objects in this theater world as a replacement.

Using these different heads, the player will use their unique abilities to fight a variety of bosses after jumping their way through a level.

Much like the recently announced Ratchet and Clank: Into the Nexus title, Puppeteer will launch for the lower price of $39.99. Puppeteer will launch this September for the PlayStation 3.