Grand Theft Auto 5: Details Surface About ATM Robbing Minigame, Hitchhikers, and More

New details about Grand Theft Auto 5 have surfaced ahead of the game’s release, including details about an ATM-robbing minigame, and Franklin’s origins.

chop the rottweiler

There have been plenty of details about Rockstar's upcoming open-world action-adventure game, Grand Theft Auto V filtering through the web in recent days.

Following the Famitsu reveal about the game's huntable animals and the ability to customize the Rottweiler, Chop, new details have surfaced about the game—this time on Spanish gaming website AreaJugones, which has collated all the available information about Grand Theft Auto V by sifting through the various interviews, including a deeper look at the Famitsu exclusive.

Here's what they discovered:

* The special abilities of each character can be activated with the R3 or L3 buttons on your controller.

* Franklin career as a criminal begins at the very bottom rung, restoring cars for Armenian immigrant named Simeon Yetaria.

* ATMs can be used to check the balance of the protagonists.

* You can pick up hitchhikers on the road and then leave them at their ideal destination.

* Playing as Michael, the ATMs can be robbed with a minigame.

* [email protected] Internet cafes have been removed from the game. Instead of cybercafes, you can access the Internet through your mobile phone. You can browse social networks, or even watch videos.

* You will be able to drill a hole in a gas tank, drive the car into a group of enemies, then run and set the trail on fire to blow up the car.

* As previously confirmed, hundreds of accessories available to customize your pet.

* Your dog can die or get lost. You can buy a new pet in a pet stores spread over Los Santos. It remains unclear whether Chop is a temporary pet, as opposed to a permanent character in the game.

* You can hunt the animals and sell the meat obtained factories or farms. (which are bought by Burger Shot)

* You can leave your car parked on the street, but if you receive a parking ticket, a tow truck will tow it away. It is possible to recover your vehicle by paying the fine.

* There are underwater exploration missions. They are considered by Rockstar Games as a game "apart."