Minecraft Xbox 360 TU12: Cats and Ocelots Confirmed

The addition of cats and ocelots has been confirmed for the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft.

The latest update for Minecraft on the Xbox 360, dubbed TU11 (equivalent to PC version 1.1) was released in May, earlier this year, giving players of the game a taste of things to come.

The developers at 4J Studios have confirmed that the upcoming version is slated to add full texture pack support, a raise in the game's build height limit from 128 to 256, jungle biome along with associated blocks, iron golems, and an updated tutorial world. One of the update's most requested features is the ocelot and the cat, which have long been present in the PC version of the game.

Minecraft TU12

Today, its developers released a teaser screenshot via the Microsoft Studios twitter account to showcase a couple of cats in a pen, confirming their addition to the upcoming TU12. The update has yet to be given a firm release date, but the release of screenshots such as the one above and the constant flow of updates indicates that the release is very, very soon.

The TU12 update will bring the game up to speed with the PC version equivalent of 1.2.3. The PC version of the game is currently sititng at 1.6.2 and just saw the release of horses and other mountable animals. It may be a year or more before the Xbox 360 version of the game reaches parity with the current PC version, but it'll never be able to catch up.