Fresh Indie Developer No Goblin Working on Secret PS4, PC Title

No Goblin isn’t looking to add guns or bows to whatever it’s working on.

No Goblin, a recently founded independent developer, isn’t looking to cash in on what’s currently making the big bucks. Instead of simply emulating mechanics and tropes that have worked well for other studios in the past, this new team of industry veterans has decided to blaze its own trails in novel, exciting ways.

How will they accomplish this hefty goal? No Goblin has one clear focus, and that’s to “make mechanic-focused games with truly original settings and characters.” Dan Teasdale, a designer who’s worked on projects like Rock Band, The Gunstringer, and Destroy All Humans!, will be the man leading this ragtag group of inspired developers.

“We’re founding No Goblin because we want to make games no other studio is making,” Teasdale said. “Our goal is to marry original IP and ‘gameplay first’ design to make truly unique games.”

The team may have just come together, but it won’t be too long before we can get our hands on the first project in development. No Goblin is expecting to release this “secret” game in the first half of 2014 on PC and PlayStation 4, and no, there won’t be any guns, bows, lasers, laserbows, or bowguns anyone in the world.

This is just another sign of Sony’s support for independent projects. The PlayStation 4 is having an indie renaissance, of sorts, and you can just add No Goblin to a list that’s beginning to stretch to the skies. Look forward for more information from the company in the near future.