Dishonored: Brigmore Witches Image Released, Reveal Coming Tomorrow

The last piece of Dishonored DLC has its first image.

Thankfully, we haven’t seen the end of Dishonored. The first-person stealth title was one of the biggest, best surprises of 2012, blending smooth gameplay and a truly unique narrative. Things only got better with The Knife of Dunwall, which added a substantial chunk of gameplay and the fresh-faced Daud into the mix. After the massively positive reception to the DLC, Bethesda and Arkane Studios are working together to bring another exciting expansion to the Dishonored universe.

A picture has just been Tweeted by the official Dishonored account that shows what looks to be concept art from the new DLC. The message “Daud’s journey concludes” is attached to the image, with the promise of more details for the content tomorrow.

Brigmore Witches is the name of this final hunk of Dishonored lore, and yes, it’ll be playable at QuakeCon 2013 this August. We’ll just have to wait patiently to hear more information tomorrow.