Murdered: Soul Suspect 25 Minute Gameplay Investigates Your Own Death

A lengthy gameplay video showing off Murdered: Soul Suspect.

In the latest murder mystery game, Airtight Games wants players to solve the case behind who murdered their character.

After flying through a window to your death, you witness your murder finish you off with your own pistol. As the killer walks away from the crime scene, main character Detective Ronan O'Connor appears to take a ghostly shape after witnessing his murder from an outside perspective.

His detective co-workers eventually arrive at the scene to investigate the murder as Ronan watches helplessly. The player eventually takes control of Ronan to investigate any leads in the neighborhood biased Salem, Massachusetts.

Since you control the ghost form of Ronan, he cannot pick up objectives to observe the item from all angles. While limited in some ways in the material world, his ghostly abilities such as human possession for ease dropping or reading notes, and the ability to walk through real world objectives, will hopefully help Ronan escape the limbo he finds himself in.

The above 25 minute video will explore other areas of Murdered: Soul Suspect, such as the enemies that live inside Ronan's limbo.

Murdered Soul: Suspect will release sometime in 2014.