Five New Pokemon, Legendary Pokemon, PSS information for Pokemon X and Y

Details come from the latest issue of CoroCoro magazine, new characters also revealed.

The latest issue of CoroCoro magazine spills a lot of new information about Pokemon X and Y, including information of five new Pokemon, the Legendary Pokemon, and Team Flare, the game's new evil team.

We recently revealed the latest big Pokemon reveal for Honedge. CoroCoro reveals it has a new ability called No Guard.

Now, let's start the new announcements with the five new Pokemon. Pancham has an evolution called Goronda, a Fighting/Dark Type with the ability Iron Fist and a move called Hammer Arm. There is a new way of evolution that turns Pancham into a Goronda.

There are squid Rotation Pokemon called Maika, a Dark/Psychic Type. Maika have a move called Turn Over, and can evolve into Reversal Pokemon Karamanero. Karamanero has a move called Hypnosis. Both forms can either have the abilities Suction Cups or Contrary.

The next two Pokemon are Fairy Types exclusive to each version of the game. Pokemon X has a Cotton Candy Pokemon called Peroppafu. Its aility Sweet Veil keeps your allies awake. It also has a move called Drain Kiss. Pokemon Y gets a pink Perfume Pokemon called Shushup. This one is a bird with the ability of Healer and the move Amoratherapy. Two returning Pokemon have also been confirmed as exclusives, Clauncher for Pokemon X and Skrelp for Pokemon Y.

Speaking of exclusives, we now know a little more about the Legendary Pokemon Xerneas and Yveltal. The deer like Xerneas is a Fairy-Type Pokemon, with an ability called Fairy Aura that powers up Fairy Type moves. Xerneas also has a move called Geo Control. The avian Yveltal is Dark/Flying Type, has a complementary ability called Dark Aura that powers Dark Type Moves, and a move called Death Wing.

Corocoro mentions several new characters. The games' new evil team, Team Flair/Flare, is motivated by money. The new professor Purataanu will battle with you on occassion. There are also two new gym leaders, Zakuro, a jock, and Shitoron, who sports robot arms.

Finally, more details about the PSS, or Player Search System, were revealed. The Holocaster will provide you with news via the Pokemon Global Link. You can see other player's emotions with Happy Signs. You will have Zero (0) Powers, that can be sent and received between players. Miracle Trade will enable 'exciting trades' of Pokemon via the Global Trade Station.

Expect all of these details to be confirmed and clarified in a week or so, as Nintendo and Pokemon Company just rolls with the punches with all these reveals.