Nintendo in talks with Scirra for Construct 2 Exporter

HTML5 engine will ease game development for the console.

Construct 2 developers Scirra revealed in a tweet that they have been emailed by Nintendo in regards to the Nintendo Web Framework.

As mentioned in the last Investor Relations Q&A, Nintendo's Web Framework is a Webkit designed to entice a larger base of smaller developers to develop games for the console, by supporting languages such as HTML5, CSS and Java. Construct 2 will be a powerful addition to the kit.

Construct 2 is an HTML5 based game engine that allows beginners to easily program 2D games on their own without any coding or programming language knowledge. You drag and drop items and set behaviors to build up games from the ground up. Construct 2 can be used to quickly make demos, prototypes, or even build complete games. As testament to the engine and HTML5's flexibility, the engine can build games for iOS, Android, Windows, Windows 8 and Mac desktop app stores, Linux, Blackberry, Tizen, Facebook, Firefox and Chrome Web Store. 

The Wii U continues to suffer in AAA 3rd party development. However, this may create an opportunity for indie developers to corner a less crowded 3rd party market on the console. Nintendo fans clearly already have an interest, seeing how one crowdfund project after another has rapidly met their funding goal after adding Wii U porting as a goal. However, netting Construct 2 could mean more games will hit the Wii U sooner than later.

Nintendo has been licensing a glut of powerful development tools since the system's launch, includin Green Hills Software's MULTI IDE, Havok, even acquiring Mobiclip. We'll see in the coming year if the addition of Nintendo Web Framework will drive software development for the console.