Battlefield 4 May Support Mouse and Keyboard on PlayStation 4

The upcoming Battlefield 4 may contain support for the mouse and keyboard on Sony’s next-gen console.

Battlefield 4

Traditionally, the Battlefield series of games has been played with the controller on the console. DICE is looking to break that tradition by potentially allowing players to play the upcoming Battlefield 4 with a mouse and keyboard on the soon-to-be-released PlayStation 4.

In an interview with AusGamers (via MP1st), DICE's Aleksander Grondal confirmed as much, by stating that the developers are considering implementing mouse and keyboard support for the game on next-gen consoles.

“We have mouse and keyboard support for the PC obviously, but I can’t speak now specifically for next gen consoles. But if it makes sense in the Battlefield universe, for a Battlefield game, we’ll consider it," said Grondal in response to a question about whether the team is considering the option.

And so they are.

The fact that they're considering it is no guarantee that they will implement support for the mouse and keyboard, as it might make the game unfair for anyone unable to play it on anything but the controller.