Grand Theft Auto 5: A New Way to Escape Cops Revealed

Street gangs can be used to your advantage in Grand Theft Auto 5.

GameStop has revealed over on its Facebook page that Grand Theft Auto 5 players will be able to use rival street gangs as a means of escaping the police. 

According to GameStop's post, "In GTAV, street gangs are still a problem in Los Santos, while the Lost Motorcycle Club is making moves in Blaine County. Some gangs are more interested in fighting the cops than each other – use that to your advantage when escaping the authorities."

Based on the description provided, it seems that games will be given a much more dynamic role than they had in Grand Theft Auto 4 – much like their prominence in Grand Theft Auto 2 and San Andreas. Of course, there were gangs in GTA4 such as the Russians in Hove Beach, the Mafia in Algonquin and the Bikers but players never had a reputation with them. 

Taking out a high ranking member of a gang would usually require you to flee but returning a short time later to a gang area there seemed to be no lasting consequences to your actions towards the gangs.

GameStop has previously said that the police will use "advanced driving tactics" when in pursuit of players in Grand Theft Auto 5 but the chance to use gangs to help make your escape should lead to some very interesting situations to say the least.

Even if there isn't a return to the full reputation system it's good to see gangs may have a more prominent role given their past presence in the series.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is set to be released on September 17th for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The title is expected to sell 18 million units in its first year.  

Via: Reddit.