Battlefield 4 Screens Show Suppression, New Boosts

A handful of new images of Battlefield 4 have arrived.

Things will be different in Battlefield 4. Although the kings of the first-person shooter empire remain largely the same from year to year, DICE’s latest attempt at the Battlefield franchise has the benefit of being a PlayStation 4 and Xbox One launch title. Much of the title will likely be a prettier version of the current-generation offerings, but a few new features do look to take advantage of the team’s two-year developer window. One of the main differences is how suppression is handled, which can be seen in a series of new screenshots found on Reddit.

Are you often confused if bullets are either being shot in the distance or whizzing by your head? In Battlefield 4, the suppression feature will help players know if all that hot lead is getting close to their soldier through the use of a conical blur, without being too overbearing. The more action that’s happening around you, the more difficult it’ll be to see through your peripheral vision. A medley of images has been found that show varying degrees of suppressions amidst a heated battle.

More powerful hardware will also allow for larger maps with a greater density of players. Just one of the locations can be found in these pictures, and it looks like it’s one built for all 64 beautiful players. Lastly, the game’s boosts are showcased. We don’t know too much about this feature quite yet, but as you can see, there will be in-game XP boosters. So, whether you want to earn them through extended play, or just drop the cash, DICE and EA should have you covered.

Look to once again enter the fields of battle Oct. 29 on current hardware and soon after on PS4 and Xbox One.