Mark of the Ninja developers announce new game, Incognita

Klei announces their new game, Incognita.

Developers for stealth game, Mark of the Ninja, and sidescrolling action game, Shank, today announced their new game, Incognita. According to the tweet announcing the game, Incognita will focus on turn-based tactical espionage.

To tease its fans and test their espionage skills, you will find a secret link at the bottom right of the official website. Wait a few second on the page and a link will scroll in asking "Hello? Are you there?"

Once you click the link it will bring you to a decryption page with scrolling numbers and letters. In a text field you can enter words then click decipher. The scrolling numbers and letters will briefly scroll differently but reveals nothing discernable.

If you too also fail at solving these types of riddles, you can visit the Incognita forum to discuss your findings with other users.  

Via: Joystiq