Metal Gear Solid 5 to Offer Players Meaningful Decision Making

According to Hideo Kojima, the next installment of Metal Gear will give players a more in-depth decision making process.

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain is set to be the next installment in the esteemed franchise. Today, Kojima some shed some light on a certain nuance of the game: decision making. While this may not sound like a big deal at face value, gamers have complained for years that games never offer them a hard choice. While last year's The Walking Dead may have changed that for some, many still feel that games could benefit from a harsher landscape when it comes to picking who lives and who dies.

Kojima says that – as per the norm – missions are available to the player. However, because this is the first open-world entry into the series, these missions can be looked at more as parts of the whole. Players will be able to complete these "parts" in the order that they want, and the game's story will adapt to their progression. It's also been revealed that the player will have to struggle through life or death situations, meaning that things could get a bit complicated if certain parts of the game's main storyline are completed far in advance. We're not sure how exactly this is going to work, but if anybody can pull it off, it's certainly Kojima and the fine men and women at Kojima Productions.

Kojima has also noted that the Playstation 4 and Xbox One offer much more rich platforms from which he can tell the story of The Phantom Pain. In the same light, he's also spoke on what will apparently be a returning theme from Metal Gear Solid 2: child soldiers. When asked whether or not he felt that these topics are taboo, Kojima responded saying that he doesn't ask himself if these topics are off the table, as they are a part of the overarching story in Metal Gear Solid 5 and must be talked about.