Kavinsky releasing free PC/mobile game July 8th

self-titled game is completely free, no in app purchases

First teased with a YouTube trailer on the 26th, Kavinsky revealed the release date of his upcoming self-titled video game for next Monday, July 8th. The game appears to be a GTA style action adventure, with beat-em-up and driving segments.

Kavinsky later confirmed on his own Twitter that the game would be completely free, with no in app purchases.

synthpop musician Kavinsky, aka Vincent Belorgy, is most famous for his song Nightcall, as used in the 2011 film Drive. Kavinsky's songs have also been licensed for Grand Theft Auto IV and Gran Turismo 5 prologue, as we have covered here. He recently released his first studio album, OutRun, itself named after the Sega videogame.

Developed by Visionaries 777, with art assets from Studio Gustave and Samavan, Kavinsky the game will be designed around his music, itself themed around the character of Kavinsky. According to Belorgy, Kavinsky crashed driving his Ferrari Testarrosa in 1986, and came back in 2006 as a zombie. Each song tells a part of Kavinsky's story. So, this free videogame appears to be an effort to build up an official canon. Belorgy has indicated that if this game is successful, he hopes to have a full game made for the Playstation 4. 

Kavinsky the game looks like the most interesting music themed transmedia project since the Gorillaz. Even if you're not a fan, or unsure about the game itself, I suggest you give it a try anyway. It's free and coming out to iOS, Google Play Store, Windows and Mac, so it's hard to miss.