Elder Scrolls Online: Character Build Workshop

Some new details have surfaced regarding character builds in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Youtube user DFValroth sat down with Tamriel Foundry's 1Sarii to discuss character builds in The Elder Scrolls Online. They drew comparisons to start off with, noting games like World of Warcraft and The Old Republic.

One comparison specifically discussed the differences between a "typical MMORPG" and The Elder Scrolls Online:

Elder Scrolls Online:

  • Large number of abilities
  • Unlimited ability points
  • Limited action bar
  • Gated by what you have available at a given time
  • Loadout oriented

Typical MMORPG (1Sarii noted World of Warcraft on multiple occasions)

  • Large number of abilities
  • Limited ability points
  • Unlimited action bars
  • Gated by how much you can unlock
  • Permanent build

Next, the two talked about abilities, and how they would differ or reciprocate other MMORPGs. 1Sarii noted that the abilities themselves "work exactly like they do in other MMOs." That said, he was quick to note a few key differences that will set ESO apart from other games of the same genre:

  • The game will feature spells, feats and special moves.
  • There are no cooldowns on your abilities.
  • Abilities consume magicka or stamina.
  • The battle system is focused on utility.
  • Basic attacks are important.

The idea here is that because there are no cooldowns forced upon the player, they will be able to throw off the veritable shackles that a set pattern of commands lays upon them. This is known as a "rotation" in the MMORPG scene.

We've provided the full video below, so go check it out. There is a ton of information that we've not detailed in full here.