Kingdom Hearts 3 Scans Hit the Web

Some new scans from Japanese magazine Famitsu have hit the web.

Kingdom Hearts 3 was announced back at Sony's E3 2013 press conference. While the reveal was grandiose in nature, the lack of information following its announcement has caused many to ask various questions regarding the game and its future on next-generation consoles.

Some scans from Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu have started making the rounds today, and offer a deeper look inside the world of Kingdom Hearts 3 and its development. A number of details are revealed concerning the plot, and a short Q&A session with Tetsuya Nomura details the game even further.

As we revealed a couple of days ago, the development team at Square Enix is currently in the middle of choosing what worlds they want to include in the game. Given the huge host of Disney movies to choose from, it will be interesting to see which ones they end up choosing.

Another interesting tidbit that came out of the interview was that Nomura alluded to the idea players might be able to control Riku or Kairi. When asked, he said, "I cannot say no to the possibility."

Nomura was then questioned concerning the topic of friendly and enemy artificial intelligence. He said that both your companions and your enemies will become more attuned to battle throughout the your progression in the game. He notes some enemies that you can fly, using them as a "vehicle" of sorts. If you think back to Sony's press conference at E3, you'll realize what he is talking about immediately, as this element of gameplay was revealed there.