Contrast Screenshots Emerge From the Shadows

Contrast screenshots shows shadow platforming.

Amongst the larger games and console announcements from E3, smaller games like Contrast from developers Compulsion Games, stay hidden under the shadows of the surrounding displays. This puzzle platformer takes advantage of the shadows so much as to build a game around it.

In Contrast, players play as Dawn – the imaginary from of a nine year old girl named Didi. Didi then wanders the world searching for the truth in hopes to reunite with her parents.

Switching between the shadows and the physical world, players will manipulate light sources to cast shadows. Using the newly cast shadows, players can jump to higher locations to reach places not accessible in the physical world.

In the latest batch of screenshots, players get a glimpse of the world they will traverse and the differences between the imaginary character, Dawn, and the real character, Didi.

The shadow platforming and jazz-themed soundtrack comes from Montreal based developers, Compulsion Games. The small studio of 7 employees hopes to bring Contrast out by the end of the year on PC, PSN and Xbox Live Arcade.