Grand Theft Auto 5 Details: Franklin is a Double Agent, World Scale Revealed

Some new details about GTA 5 have been outed.

A host of new details about Grand Theft Auto 5 have surfaced following a recent preview of the game.

In the upcoming issue of Computer and Video Games magazine we will see a detailed preview of Rockstar’s upcoming super smash hit Grand Theft Auto 5. The upcoming preview details a number of interesting points.

The rigid mission structure of the game will be much looser than before, beginning and ending points of missions no longer as tightly set as in the previous GTA titles.

Playable character Franklin is a double agent, working for criminals but also for the law whenever the situation demands it. Also, in the demo shown to CVG, when Franklin jumped out of a helicopter, it took him three whole minutes to hit the ground, which demonstrates the scale of the skybox.

Some of the boats on the many bodies of water and the sea will carry SCUBA gear, allowing for extended diving trips, also there will be diving missions.

It will be possible to go on the Vinewood Tour for a few bucks within the game. GTA currency not real money, mind you. Within the game, the players can take screenshots with the characters’ cellphones as in-game photos.

Also there will be dynamic missions that take into account the time of day again as well as the specific character and location. In the north of the world map there will be a hillbilly refuge, reminiscent of the Hills Have Eyes movies.

Also CVG speculates there being a Republican Space Rangers app game, playable on the characters’ in game smartphones.