Microsoft Investing $700 Million in Data Centers

Microsoft invests $700 million towards data centers in Iowa.

Near Des Moines, Iowa, Microsoft will invest $700 million dollars in a data center. According to Debi Durham, director of state agency of economic development, with this investment, it will elevate Des Moines data center investment into the range of $1 billion.

Iowa's Economic Development Board all approved a $20 million tax credit to help fund the project. With this new project, the amount of employees will jump from 50 to at least 74.

With the expansion of the data center, expect some of the hardware to support Microsoft's growing cloud services that quickly became the major factor to the development of the Xbox One. Using the cloud services for the Xbox One, developers can offload processing power to the cloud to bring in additional power without the constraints of the console's hardware.

Titanfall, the upcoming first-person shooter set to releases in the spring of 2014, will use cloud to handle processing for the multiplayer matches. Since Titanfall won't include a single player component, every user playing Titanfall will take advantage of the cloud's processing capabilities.

Forza 5 will also use the cloud processing to create the "Drivatar" that will analyze your driving style to create A.I that adapts to your style. 

Source: DesMoinesRegister
Via: Wired