New Kingdom Hearts 3 Render

Kingdom Hearts 3 render from Famitsu weekly.

Aside from the lone E3 trailer and a few interviews with developers working on Kingdom Hearts 3, not much exists about the newly announced title. Since fans will admittedly take any information or photos presented to them, a new render of Donald, Goofy and Sora makes the game's existence feel that much more real.

The render first showed up in a Famitsu weekly issue displaying the same render. In that issue a Q & A with Kingdom Hearts 3 director, Tetsuya Nomura, he explained that Kingdom Hearts 3 will aim to replicate the textures of the Disney illustrations. With the Disney style in mind, the development team created a "Kingdom Shader" to help create the textures of Disney's style for use in Kingdom Hearts 3.

Unfortunately, the above render does not include the Keyblade Sora finds on the beach during the E3 trailer. For more information on Kingdom Hearts 3 and for an analysis of the trailer, you can read a lengthy Kingdom Hearts 3 post here.  

We won't see Kingdom Hearts 3 for a long while but the idea that Square Enix actively develops the RPG at this very moment will satisfy for now.

To download the above render in its full resolution, you can download the photo here