GOG.com #NoDRM Sale Discounts over 500 Games

GOG.com #NoDRM Summer Sale overwhelms with bundles.

The support for no DRM continues as GOG.com discounted over 500 games to promote no digital rights management for video games. Regardless of if this sale genuinely supports no DRM or if the website cleverly takes advantage of the recent Twitter movement, you can purchase plenty of different titles for a discounted price.

To mention some notable titles, you can purchase Alan Wake and Alan Wake: American Nightmare in a bundle for for $8.98 – an 80% discount in case you missed the recent weekly Humble Bundle sale.

Preparing for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt? You purchase The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition for $5.99 – a 70% discount.

For a change of pace from third-person action games, GOG.com bundled 5 Monkey Island episodes for $5.24 – an 85% discount.

With so many titles to choose from and daily deals cycling in, I can't possibly mention every game deal. Expect a wide variety of games but act quickly before the bundles of daily deals cycle out.   

Source: GOG.com