Titanfall Behind the Scenes Video Discusses Titan and Pilot Balance

Latest Titanfall talks about achieving the balance between Titan and Pilot.

With all of the news regarding the Xbox One's DRM policies, people seemed to quickly forget about the games you could actually play.

Titanfall will combine small foot soldiers and large, agile mechanized robots called Titans. In the above video, the developers discuss the balance they aim to achieve to not hinder the strength of Titans while also not making the soldiers, the Pilots, obsolete when on the ground. Titans can kill with greater destruction but the Pilots can also use their double jumping and thrusters to climb the environment to move swiftly.

Titanfall won't feature a single player portion to the game but Respawn wants to bring the same level of attention to the multiplayer. With the attention to the multiplayer mechanics, Respawn wants to also infuse the story into each level, bringing to life the world of Titanfall.

Titanfall will launch in spring of 2014 for Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC.