Watch Dogs Multiplayer Gameplay Shows Aiden Chasing and Downloading Targets

Watch Dogs multiplayer gameplay.

On Ubisoft's Russian YouTube channel, you previously could find the first look at Watch Dogs' multiplayer. Without any direction or indication of the objectives, it's hard to determine what exactly the multiplayer consists of.

In the video (the original source was taken down) you see the player searching for a hacker in the vicinity. Using cameras around him, the player can search to spot who exactly secretly hacks them. Once the player spots the target, the hacker flees and begins a foot chase in an attempt to stop the hacking by either killing the target or forcing him to flee, breaking the link of hacking.

The video then appears to switch perspectives as the player must attempt to hack the target without getting unnoticed. Using the environment as cover, the player hides in a perimeter waiting as long as possible to hack the contents of the target.

YouTube removed the video shortly after Ubisoft Russia posted the video.  Obviously Ubisoft doesn't want anyone seeing this gameplay so watch it now before it's gone.