Kojima Talks About Metal Gear Solid 5’s Themes and Open-World

Kojima says the game has ‘Orwellian’ tropes.

Speaking to Japanese site 4Gamer Hideo Kojima has discussed the open world setting and themes of Metal Gear Solid 5, as well as the reaction to the game at E3.

"I had thought that it [MGS5] had received a good response, but look at The Division from Ubisoft, I felt you gotta work hard [to stand out]. At E3, it is not fighting against the world so much, but I felt I was prevailed upon to 'win the world once more' with MGSV. The V in MGSV is Victory."

Speaking specifically about the themes of the game Kojima said "Well, we have made a 25 year series that is anti-war, anti-nuclear, but there are a lot of things that haven't been communicated. There is the status quo where I thought conflict lies ahead, there are the 'national' roots of any dispute"

He says he's wanted to set a Metal Gear game in Afghanistan for sometime commenting ""Since MGS3, I've been aiming to make a story set in this era (1984). Because it is also the titles of a novel by George Orwell, 1984, and in MGS5, I've added Orwellian themes. In addition, MGS3 is set in 1964, Peace Walker is set in 1974 and MGS5 is set in 1984, so the series has been progressing in implements of 10 years."

Kojima adds that the game is for "teenagers now, who were not yet born in 1984, but it's not even very old."

"Inflitration in MGSV is really authentic, it's not confimed within the rules of the game as such. There are fewer sentries at night and more during the daytime, even if you go in a car. I think of it as a 'real inflitration simulator'," he adds.

During Konami's pre-E3 announcement stream it was revealed that Keifer Sutherland would be voicing Snake in Metal Gear Solid 5, you can watch the game's extended E3 trailer here