Monster Hunter 4 Screenshots Show Shark Monsters, New Felyne Abilities

Capcom’s Japanese website with new Monster Hunter 4 information.

Considering the brief E3 Nintendo Direct, Nintendo revealing the Monster Hunter 4 North American and European releases would have excited the existing and potential Wii U user base. So while we wait for an official announcement that may or may not happen, Capcom released some new screenshots.  

These screenshots, courtesy of Siliconera, come from Capcom's Japanese website showing the new monsters and Frozen Sea map available in the final release. The Frozen Sea map shows off the new shark monster that looks like a sure guarantee to take a huge chuck of your health.

The Zaboazagill takes the form of this giant shark. Also known as the "Camo-Shark," the Zaboazagill stays hidden in the icy environments and can even inflate to appear much more threatening. The Camo-Shark can also shoot a bodily liquid, freezing whatever it lands on. The smaller shark form, the Squagill, spits its bodily fluids to create an instantly frozen, ice armor.

The screenshots also detail the new abilities Felyne's will use to assist in your Monster Hunter 4 battles. The Felynes can now heal and damage take with their flute, use barrel bombs and assisst by using items such Shock Traps. In Monster Hunter Tri, Felynes often helped you when stunned and healed any damage taken.

Monster Hunter 4 will launch on the 3DS in Japan this September.