Battlefield 4: Weapon, Class, Gameplay, Customization Info Blowout

Here’s everything we’ve learned about the weapons, classes, gameplay and customization in Battlefield 4 over E3.

Battlefield 4

E3 is over, and with it, we have a metric tonne of new information about DICE's upcoming first person shooter, Battlefield 4.

All hype about the game's single-player campaign aside, what we're most interested in about the game is its multiplayer aspect, which has defined the Battlefield experience for a decade since the release of the original Battlefield 1942.

With the game on display at the show floor, LevelCapGaming had a chance to play and even record the game in action, along with a hefty assortment of information about the game's class loadouts. SO here's what we know:

Recon classes can use any sniper rifle.
Support class can use any machine gun.
Assault class can use assault rifles.

Carbines are now universal guns.
Shotguns are universal guns.
PDWs are universal guns
Designated marksman rifles (DMRs) are a new class of weapons. A weapon like Battlefield 3's SKS would be classed as a DMR. They are universal guns. These include the M14, FN FAL, AR10, G3A3.

Weapons will have camouflage that you can unlock as you play. They are not outlandish—meaning, you won't see any hot pink or neon-colored weapons.

Gameplay Mechanics
You lose the remainder of ammunition in your magazine when you reload a weapon before the magazine is empty.

When you spawn, it will take a second to a second and a half for your weapon to be ready. this is to deal with the spawning vulnerability in Battlefield 3. essentially, this will prevent you from aiming at your enemy while you are invulnerable so you don't have a huge advantage.

Suppression is back in Battlefield 4, but its effect is significantly reduced with certain types of weapons. The visual aspect has been tweaked and is far less annoying. A lot of regular guns like carbines, PDWs, assault rifles, and shotguns, do not have much of a suppression effect. The suppression effect is tied into where bullets land more so than how close they get to you. LMGs and sniper rifles will suppress you if they pass near your head so they have better suppressing effects—this makes support class more effective as anti-infantry classes and for laying down suppressing fire.