Battlefield 4 to Support 64 Players Online

It looks like DICE will continue to keep the 64-player limit online.

Battlefield 4 will be one of the largest games during this year’s E3 event. As the biggest competitor to Call of Duty’s crown, DICE’s first-person blockbuster will be pulling out all the stops at the EA press conference. Multiplayer has been confirmed for the event, and according to a new video, there will be 64 players on stage during the showing.

Creative Director at DICE, Lars Gustavsson, spoke to Sian Welby and James Hill from FTW about what his team will be bringing to LA next week. Although he wasn’t able to deliver any Earth-shattering news, he did confirm that the multiplayer will hold up to 64 players at a time.

“There’s going to be 64 players on the floor, getting their hands-on with the game,” Gustavsson said. “We’re all super excited, and really nervous, for really coming out and showing the multiplayer experience at E3.”

What we don’t know as of this writing is whether that will be the cap for the PC version or next-gen consoles. Battlefield 3 on consoles couldn’t hold nearly as many players as the PC version, but with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One having new, more advanced system architecture, it’s likely that all versions of this sequel will be able to hold up to 64 soldiers on a map at one time.

We still don’t know when Battlefield 4 will make its way to the Xbox One and PS4, but you can look forward to the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC versions on Oct. 29.