Minecraft Xbox 360 Redstone Tutorial Guide

Without using sticky pistons, you can create a Blaze EXP farm with a little patience.

Without anyone to provide visual help, creating anything using Redstone can quickly overwhelm any of your grand Minecraft plans.

For both players slightly experienced using Redstone or for players confident in their ability to create a large EXP farm, this Redstone operating Blaze EXP farm can benefit both console and PC Minecraft players.

The Blaze EXP farm aims to provide easy experience points for Minecraft levelling. Using a piston system (not sticky pistons), you can create a Redstone crusher to crush Blaze enemies for easy one-hit kills. With some slight variations in the console and PC version, you made need to do some tinkering but the above video will address those variations.

For this EXP farm you will need a lot of materials to create a number of objects. For this Blaze EXP farm you will first need to find a monster spawner. Once located, you will need to create Redstone torches, repeaters, stone pressure plates, buttons, levers and need to collect a number of other raw materials. The investment may clear out a lot of your inventory but the reward should outweigh the costs.

Depending on the version, your Redstone mechanism might kill the Blaze enemies spawning from the above monster spawner, but adding or removing a repeater should fix the problem.

The EXP farm should aim to bring to Blaze to easy one-hit kill, not have the piston crushing it to death. If executed properly you should accumulate EXP with very little effort.