Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Camo Secrets Analyzed

The Camo trailer for Black Ops 2 has been analyzed.

A user on Reddit has brought together a host of different screenshots from the newly-released 'Camo' trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. This downloadable content looks to bring two different weapon designs into the game, both featuring a unique crosshair.

However, what makes this all so interesting is that these two must be chosen by the fans. There are a number of designs and crosshair combinations to choose from, and the two with the most votes will be see entry into the game. Voting can be accessed through Playstation Network or Xbox LIVE after you have signed in and are able to view the "Message of the Day."

The two front-runners are currently the Cyborg and the Dragon designs. A good mix of the old and the new, what gamer wouldn't want to shoot his or her enemies through a reticle shaped like a dragon? Not to mention the fact that these designs look absolutely terrific for their purpose.

We've provided the image displaying all of the different designs below. The bottom left is the "Cyborg" pattern and the bottom right is the "Dragon." The images above these two are "Paladin" and "Comics," respectively. Each design has multiple reticles to go with it, making these personalization packs a very unique addition to the Black Ops universe.

The most functional appears to be the Cyborg skin, though Dragon looks to be the most stylish. The Comics design has an old-school appeal to it while Paladin makes you feel like a true gangster.

Which two will you be voting for?