Civilization 5: Brave New World Video Details New Policies and Ideologies

Expect new Social Policies and Ideologies in Civilization 5’s new expansion.

The slow trickle of information about the Civilization 5: Brave New World expansion continues to inform players on how exactly the game will change.

Focusing on the Cultural aspect of Civilization 5, Brave New World will modify existing Scoial Policies and in the process hopefully make not so terrible. In addition to the modifications of existing policies, Brave New World will introduce the Exploration and Aesthetics policies.

Exploration will benefit maritime exploits and even will unlock the Medieval Age – a great boost for civilizations directing their focus on Culture production rather than Science. The Aesthetics policy, keeping with the theme of the expansion, will also provide culture focused options.

Once players enter the Modern Age or if a player constructs 3 factories, the player must choose 1 of three Ideologies. The ideologies of Autocracy, Freedom and Order (previously their own Social Policies before the expansion) provide their own abilities, diplomatic effects and even unique Wonders. Inside these Ideologies exists 3 levels of tenants you can purchase with accumulated Culture points, but it remains unclear if the Culture points comes from the same pool used to acquire new Social Policies.   

With a little more than a month away from Brave New World's release, Firaxis still needs to reveal the two remaining leaders. In the mean time, you can read about Morocco's and Indonesia's unique abilities.