Saints Row 4 Box Art Revealed, Hail to the Chief Video Series Launches

Saints Row 4’s marketing is in full force with the release of the game’s official box art and first "Hail to the Chief" video.

Deep Silver has revealed today the box art for the Saints Row 4 Commander in Chief Edition. That’s the special edition of the game, in case you’re wondering.

It features a presidential suit and a pair of aviator glasses reflecting some of the crazy things you’ll be able to partake in the game proper. Here it is:

As trailers, previews, and screenshots of the game have previously showcased, the leader of the Saints is a complete badass that PR person Aubrey Norris notes that even aliens and giant cans cause “nary a wrinkle” on his or her face.

In addition to the box artwork, Deep Silver has also released the first episode of the Hail to the Chief video series. It’s a series of gameplay videos in which the developers at Volition showcase all the zany things you’ll be able to do in-game, without spoiling too much, of course.

Watch that below. A previous video can be seen here.

Saints Row 4 is set for release on the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on August 20