Papa John’s Attempt At Embracing eSports Fails To Impress

Those who engage in eSports, not surprisingly, know what constitutes good pizza and bad pizza.

For years, many have sought to have other view professional gaming on the same playing field as other, more traditional sports. And in recent years, that movement has gained definite traction, as the explosion of Major League Gaming and other eSports leagues have demonstrated.

There are many facets that help legitimize any sport, electronic or not. And not far from television coverage is sponsorship. And Papa John, the pizza chain that's always trying to carve a niche that its competitors have ignored, figured that being the very first to embrace major eSports organizations would be yet another thing that they could lord over the competion with.

Though as it turns out, Dominos and Pizza Hutt have no reason to kick themselves, at least not yet. Because, according to PCGamesN, Papa John's efforts have not been warmly received. And why is that? Do pro gamers not like pizza? Of course not. Were they turned off by some big company trying to cash in on up and coming movement? Nope. Again, big money sponsors serves only to strengthen their resolve.

The big issue is the CEO of Papa John, John Schnatter. Specifically his views on affordable healthcare in this country, and his apparently disdain for the concept in general. Schnatter has made it clear many times, mostly during the last Presidential election that he would do whatever is necessary to fight laws that attempts to provide health care to those who cannot afford it themselves. Which, funny enough, is the vast majority of the Papa John workforce.

All this does is illustrate that when you make your riches off the blood, sweat, and tears of countless employees, and then hinder their attempts at what many consider to be a basic human right, people will notice and remember. And even though eSports advocates are eager for all the sponsorship money that they can get, there are still standards and limits.

Believe it or not, even those that choose to play StarCraft 2 for 17 hours straight still have them in spades.